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Forty years ago, the UNESCO started designating Biosphere Reserves to those areas that are not only culturally unique but also capable of promoting new development strategies and achieving a balance between the goals of conserving and prosperity.

Ancares Leoneses Biosphere Reserve (RBALE), designated in 2006, undoubtedly seeks the goal of sustainability while focus on the native population whose activities and initiatives are the driving force of this land.

The Ancares Leoneses is a beautiful and remote land located in the mountains of Northern Spain, limited by the provinces of Asturias, Lugo and Leon. Its breathtaking landscape highlights the natural beauty of these mountains which have been carved by glazier and water erosion. Its inhabitants have also made their part by farming hard and creating lush forests on the valleys: farmers, shepherds and chestnut growers have carved the landscape in an exceptional and way. Not only is the natural environment outstanding but also its cultural traditions and history which live on as a unique way of life and it is also shown on its distinctive architecture.

The native population takes part in the Reserve decision-making process developing and proposing actions which are carried out together with the support of the RBALE management. Funding comes from both public and private bodies.

You can download the full info about ALEBR strategy and main goals here.